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- Cryogenic systems consulting

- Cryogenic testing

- Cryogenic processor integration

- Wear and metals consulting

- Wear and metals testing

National Cryogenic's, Cryotron Vari-Cold™ technology

Proven to out perform other traditional heat and freezing methods by at least 200%. See for yourself:

The Cryotron brand established itself in 1995 as a leading designer of cryogenic equipment (otherwise known as cryogenic processors), and tempering ovens for the purpose of cryogenically treating metals to improve their wear characteristics and relieve any residual stresses. The cryogenic treatment of metals for the purpose of increasing wear resistance and permanent stress relief, with a single throughout treatment, is fast proving itself more than just a fad. This process of “freezing metals” to a cryogenic state is often referred to as an extension of the heat treatment process. National Cryogenics provides Cryotron cryogenic equipment for cryogenic services (those unfamiliar with the process sometimes mistakenly call it “cryogenic tempering”). With the proper cryo equipment, cryogenic deep freezing of tool steels – both ferrous and non ferrous, alloys and carbides will permanently increase their wear resistance by changing the internal grain structure to a more uniform, stronger, more durable structure with smoother appearances, at a microscopic level (results vary based on chemistry, other treatments, and applications of metals/products). We are pleased to offer cryogenic equipment to the woodworking, logging, metal forming, shearing, stamping, tool and die, slitting, welding, punching, musical, shooting, electronics, automotive industries, and more!


National Cryogenic's, Cryotron cryogenic equipment and tempering ovens are rugged, reliable units built for heavy-duty performance and designed for durability, serviceability, and accuracy. You can choose from our existing line of equipment, or you can work with our specialists to create your own custom built Cryotron unit!!>>>


National Cryogenics is one of the foremost pioneers of the cryogenic process. Through continuing research, we have developed the Vari-Cold™ technology. Our team consists of the best metals advisors and cryogenic consultants.>>>


The applications for our cryogenic equipment are virtually endless. Providing for a wide range of industrial markets from petrochemical and mining, to manufacturing and machining.>>>

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