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Cryogenic Shrink-Fit Machines

Have a need for cryogenic shrink-fitting? Wasting time, energy, and money on induction shrink fitting? Contact us today to discuss the introduction of a shrink fitting machine into your facilities. We can design the machine for you, or the entire automated robotic assembly line to fit your needs.


This machine was designed for manual shrink fitting. It's used with cryogenic nitrogen gas or liquid nitrogen, as well as carbon dioxide pellets and a carrier fluid. Its superior insulation value will hold the cold in for hours or days of use.

Automated Cryo Shrink-Fit Machines

These two cryogenic shrink-fit machines were designed for use in different automated production lines. Robots are used to lower the assembly parts into liquid nitrogen, prior to fitting. The machines are designed to hold a certain level of liquid nitrogen in the machines at all times. They run 24 hours a day and keep their LN2 levels at the proper height indefinitely.

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