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Custom Cryogenic Machines

From small institutional models, to large industrial cryogenic machines, National Cryogenics can make any cryogenic equipment to suit your company's needs. We build models with the capability of post tempering, or strictly cold treatment units. We can also design and build custom size tempering ovens. Our machines have the capability of reaching -200C (-330F) up to 650C (1200F). See some examples below.

Automotive Parts Thermal Treatment

Designed for cooling 1000 lbs of automotive parts to -40°F, held for a programmable amount of time, then brought up to 100°F.


Inner usable dimensions:

58"L x 50" W x 64"H


Full Stainless steel inner-chamber


- 480V, 3 phase power.

- 2 RTD system, with average temperature used to calculate realtime temperature.

- 3 tiered light stack with audible alarm.

- low temp, high temp, door open, process over alarms.

- Touch screen HMI controller.

- Data logging of both RTD readings.

- E-Stop.

- Fully programmable ramp rates, target temperature and hold times.

- Key lockout.

- CSA inspected.

- Slam latch doors.

Valve Testing

This machine was specially designed for testing different size valves in cryogenic atmospheres.

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Are you interested in a custom machine? Or perhaps you would like more information? We would be more than happy to accommodate you with any special specifications you may have. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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