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Standard Cryogenic Processor Equipment Line

National Cryogenics has Cryotron machines of different sizes, for different applications, that range from inner-dimensions of 8" x 8" x 12", up to 30" x 30" x 60".

Custom Designed Cryogenic Equipment

From small institutional models, to large industrial machines, We can build a custom Cryotron cryogenic processor to fit your requirements.

Cryo-Shrink Machines

Machines for shrink-fit applications. Whether on an automated assembly line, or in the corner of your mechanic shop, we can build the right machine for your needs.

Consider Cryotron’s Advantage ... Call Us Today To Learn More!

For more information about cryogenic treatment of metals, or for more info about our cryogenic equipment, please contact us at our email:, or phone us at 1-832-690-2717. Cryogenic equipment financing is available through a low-cost leasing program.

Cryotron offers our customers complete and on-going technical support. As an active Cryogenic Processing Center, serving a wide variety of industrial clients, we are continually investigating new applications for the cryogenic treatment process.

Cryotron also provides an extensive materials data-base as well as current and innovative methodology for your processing procedures.

Our Vari-Cold Cryogenic Process will insure positive and consistent results each and every run.

The Cryotron three year warranty is an expression of our confidence in the materials and workmanship of our cryogenic equipment. It is also your assurance of many years of dependable service.

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