LT-100 Medium Batch Cryotron Cryogenic Processor

The LT 100 is designed as a medium sized processor. Ideal for smaller payloads or "rush" orders, this compact unit boasts the same heavy-duty construction, superior insulation, and programmable digital controls featured on the larger Cryotron model Cryogenic processors. This machine is capable of achieving and sustaining liquid nitrogen temperatures (lower than -196°C (-321°F).

Temperature range from -196°C (-321°F) to 260°C (500°F)


Inner Chamber:
40" L x 16" H x 16" W
Weight: 875 lbs
Payload Capacity: 850 lbs

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Maglock Lock Out

Locks Machine lid closed while in service

Data Logging

Complete data logging capabilities

Alarm Tie-In

N/O output designated for operations alarm tie-in point.

Insulated Cryogenic Transfer Hose

Transfer hose insulated with best available cryogenic insulation available on the market today. Will not break down.

On-Board Supplemental Heat

Supplemental heat to assist in bringing the chamber and parts back to ambient.


*Not for post cryogenic tempering

On-Board Tempering Heat

Capable of post cryo tempering up to temperatures of 450ᵒF (230ᵒC).

*Includes Supplemental heat option

Signal Light w/Audible Alarm.

Your TC-20 or Medium and Large Batch Cryotron Cryogenic processors can also be set up with signal lights and audible warning alarm.

Touch Screen HMI w/Webserver

Control and monitor the machine from the HMI, your desktop computer, or remotely using your smart phone. Get National Cryogenic and/or Cryotron issued updates and trouble shooting.

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