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Cryogenics Book

A must read for anyone who is interested in learning about cryogenics can do, for which types of metals.


Aimed at a non-scientific business audience, this important book explains how and why wear resistance in metals and other materials is improved upon exposure to subzero or deep cryogenic temperatures (cryogenic treatment). While cryogenics is not a recently discovered process, its benefits have not been fully exploited by industry. One reason for this neglect is that, until now, there has not been a single source of information that explains how it works, and why it works. This book provides answers to these and other questions including:  Which materials can be improved by cryogenics? Can the increase in wear resistance be predicted? Should tools be reprocessed after resharpening? Why do inexpensive tools perform like expensive ones after processing? How does cryogenics increase tool hardness? Does processing alter the appearance of parts? How can even small shops acquire inexpensive processing equipment? What is the thin film surface layer phenomenon?

Heat Treatment Master book

Mr. Bill Bryson's new book Heat Treatment Master Control Manual

This indispensable manual focuses on heat-treating by ASM, SME, and AISI standards. It has been created for use in student education, as well as to guide professionals who have been heat treating their entire lives. Written without the typical metallurgical jargon, it will serve as a training manual from day one in learning how to heat treat a metal, and then also serve as a day-to-day reference for a lifetime. This manual zeros in on the popular tool steels, alloy steels, heat-treatable stainless steels, case hardening steels, and more. It deals with these metals with up-to-date usage and processing recipes. What is different with this manual from all the others is that it doesnt just deal with the heat-treatment process, it also covers the continuation of the hardening process with cryogenics. It is written to help those who may want a thorough understanding of what goes on in the process of heat-treating and how to do it better. It also shows how proper heat and cryogenic processing can save your company money through longer life tooling, decarb-free and stress relief, all while learning how to create a better, finer grain structure. This manual shows that hardness is only an indication of hardness, and that the real money savings is in the fine grained structure. Written for toolmakers, engineers, heat-treaters, procurement, management personnel, and anyone else who is involved in metals, this manual covers the complete range of thermally treated metals from 2400°F down to -320°F.

Heat Treatment hand book

Just starting to learn heat treatment? This is the book for you!


In a few short years, this has become the established reference for tool makers, heat treaters, and engineers seeking step-by-step recipes for properly heat treating a wide range of tool steels, plus practical information about machinability, shock resistance, wear, and extending tool life. Now, the completely revised and expanded second edition of this best-selling title is available. It has been extensively updated and includes the following significant additions: an entirely new chapter on the popular powdered tool steel CPM 10V; a thorough section on carburizing thoroughly describes the process and its benefits; a section on cryogenic treatment which has been completely rewritten to describe the theory and process; and a comprehensive glossary of related terms. As in the first edition, valuable tables of properties, attributes, qualities and shortcomings of popular tool steels are also included.

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