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Stress relief in metals, alloys, composites, and plastics

Enough cannot be said about the significance of stress relief. However heat treatment stress relief does not always meet its mark when dealing with the relief of residual stress. Cryogenic technology is proving far more efficient for removing residual and built up stresses in several applications >>>

Deep cryogenic treatment of metals to improve performance characteristics

Cryotron offers a proprietary deep cryogenic service called Vari-Cold to enhance metallurgical and structural properties in metals. Cryogenic tempering, as it often mistakenly but commonly referred to as, is simply an ultra cold freezing of materials to a cryogenic state in order to allow for molecular transformation to continue  to happen. Known as an extension of heat treating, the cryogenic temperatures simply take over, and complete, what the heat treatment started >>>

Using the cryogenic process to relieve built up thermal stresses in castings

With the demand for higher quality, longer lasting high performance engines, and high performance parts, increasing steadily, there is a great need to reduce thermal built up stresses created during manufacturing and machining of these castings. Automotive engines and power trains have great stresses exhibited upon them, and with a cry for higher horsepower, greater tensile strength is not an option but a must. Read on to find out how “cryogenic tempering” of engine blocks and engine parts can greatly improve engine horsepower and torque, reducing downtime and breakage at the same time >>>

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