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Institutional and Mini Batch Cryogenic Processor

Introducing our smallest models, LTK-27 and LTI-40. Very fuel (LN2) efficient test batch models. Options vary - inquire for more information.

Small Batch Cryogenic Processor

Perfect for the small-batch market, our TC-20 cryogenic processor allows you to do your own in-house processing at a very affordable cost. Using our proven Vari-Cold process, this unit is equipped with the latest temperature controller. Operating this "plug and play" unit requires three simple steps: load, push a button, and unload when the process is complete.

Medium Batch Cryogenic Processor

The LT 100 is designed as a medium sized processor. Ideal for smaller payloads or "rush" orders, as well as medium duty payloads, this compact unit boasts the same heavy-duty construction, superior insulation, and programmable digital controls featured on the larger Cryotron processors.

Big Batch Cryogenic Processors

The LT 250 is a real Journeyman. Its fuel efficiency, easy loading, and large payload capacity make it the ideal unit for most processing requirements. Extra-large payload capacity to accommodate engine blocks, long blades, and other bulky items. Designed for efficiency, these units' liquid nitrogen consumption for a full 70 hour run (with 2,000 lbs. payload) is a stingy 900 litres at ambient 70F. The LT 375 is 6" lower than the LT 400, but all other dimensions remain the same.

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Are you interested in a custom machine? Or perhaps you would like more information? We would be more than happy to accommodate you with any special specifications you may have. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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